Product Line Overview

Technology. Value. Solutions.

Innovative solutions in the biotech and nutraceutical industry ranging from yield improving fermentation ingredients to those used in wellness foods.

Applications in:

•    Biologics and Vaccines
Fermentation Media
•    Nutrient systems, Cell and Tissue Culture
Food/Feed Industry
•    Probiotics and Nutrition


Soy Peptones

Nu-Tek BioScience utilizes a unique proprietary process to enzymatically hydrolyze and purify soy protein to produce high quality products. Only enzymes of microbial origin are used to produce these soy peptones. HSP-A is clear in solution.

Pea Peptones

Nu-Tek Pea Peptone HPP-A is an excellent source of natural nitrogen and necessary growth factors needed for optimum probiotic culture fermentations.And is an excellent alternative to Dairy and Soy Peptones for the production of probiotic cultures.


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Product Product Number
Nu-Tek Soy Peptones 1000 Series
HSP-A10KF Ultra-Filtered Soy Peptone 1000
HSP-A Soy Peptone 1100
Nu-Tek Peptone Blends 2000 Series
SY3 (Yeast Extract: Soy Peptone) 2100
SY6 (Soy Peptone: Yeast Extract) 2200
SY6B (Soy Peptone: Yeast Extract) 2300
PY6 (Pea Peptone: Yeast Extract) 2400
Nu-Tek Dairy Peptones & Hydrolysates 4000 & 5000 Series
Casein Peptone 4510
Casein Peptone 4520
Lactalbumin Hydrolysate 5100
Nu-Tek Pea Peptones & Hydrolysates 7000 Series
HPP-A UF Ultra-Filtered Pea Peptone 7100
HPP-A Pea Peptone 7200
Pea Protein Hydrolysate-PPH-A 7500
Pea Protein Hydrolysate-PPH-B 7600
Yeast Extracts-Fermentation 9000 Series
YE-AL (liquid) 9100
YE-AD (dry) 9300
YE-AD-UF (Ultra-Filtered) 9350
YE-LL (liquid) 9700
YE-LD (dry) 9800
YE-SL (liquid) 9900
YE-SD (dry) 9950