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Nu-Tek Dairy Peptones & Hydrolysates

Nu-Tek Dairy Peptones & Hydrolysates Product Specification Information:

Casein Peptone

Casein Peptone 4510 is an enzymatically hydrolyzed casein powder refined to remove impurities. Casein Peptone 4510 is clear in solution and can be used in the formulation of microbiological media, cell and tissue culture media. The casein used in this product is sourced from New Zealand. Only enzymes of microbial origin are used to produce this casein peptone. This casein peptone is available certified kosher. View pdf here.

Lactalbumin Hydrolysate

HDP-A is a lactalbumin hydrolysate produced by enzymatically hydrolyzing whey and lactalbumin protein.  This highly hydrolyzed protein produces a peptone rich in amino acids and peptides with molecular weights less than 5000 Daltons. Being a rich source of amino acids and peptides, this peptone can be used in cell and tissue culture media, microbiological media and as a nutrient in fermentation media. View pdf here.