Soy Peptones

Nu-Tek BioScience utilizes a unique proprietary process to enzymatically hydrolyze and purify soy protein to produce high quality products. Only enzymes of microbial origin are used to produce these soy peptones. HSP-A is clear in solution, Kosher, Halal and Non-GM.

HSP-A soy peptone is the preferred embodiment in two patents for conjugated meningitis vaccine. Visit to learn more about the vaccine or view the research here.

HSP-A Soy Peptone is for use in fermentation nutrient systems as well as in Cell and Tissue culture media. This soy peptone is proven to improve growth rates and yields. HSP-A has been found to be especially effective in improving yields of the probiotic microorganisms L. acidophilus and Bifidibacterium ssp. View pdf here.

HSP-A Soy Peptone with Salt is for use in fermentation nutrient systems and is similar to Nu-Tek’s standard HSP-A Soy Peptone. This product was specifically designed for the flavor industry and has higher salt content. View pdf here.

HSP-A-10KF Soy Peptone is an enzymatically hydrolyzed soy protein powder refined to remove impurities. The resultant low endotoxin levels make this material an excellent candidate in pharmaceutical applications. The peptone is available certified Non-GM and Kosher. View pdf here.