Minnetonka, Mn., January 7, 2019 – Nu-Tek Bioscience, a developer and manufacturer of peptones and protein hydrolysates for the biotech and wellness foods industry, is proud to announce their substantial development in the year 2018. The firm carried out imperative maneuvers in the past year, including the fortification of their QA program with Garrett Tisdall, and the successful launch of two new key products, enabling substantial growth in Nu-Tek’s revenue in 2018. The company would like to formally thank their customers for this favorable outcome and look forward to the exploration and creation of products to come. These accomplishments allow for the firm’s lasting contribution to human pharmaceuticals, agricultural marketplaces, the wellness food sector and other industries.

Along with the fortification of the QA and manufacturing program, Nu-Tek succeeded in launching their Lactalbumin Hydrolysate and Yeast Peptone products, used in mammalian and insect cell culture, and have shown increases in yield and protein expression in customer applications. The firm’s advancements in proprietary process is due to their extensive experience with proteins and associated manufacturing practices, constituting them to be a valued service as a solutions-based manufacturer. The ability to customize products and meet firm specific needs can be credited to Nu-Tek’s receptiveness to innovation and focus on cutting edge research and development. The aggregation of these successes excites the founders of Nu-Tek as it unveils a look into the promise of their future prospects and in turn the prosperity of the industries Nu-Tek Bioscience contributes to.

About Nu-Tek Bioscience

Nu-Tek BioScience develops and manufactures peptones and protein hydrolysates for the biotech and wellness foods industry. A portfolio of products allow for use in a variety of applications ranging from human pharmaceuticals to agricultural marketplaces. Nu-Tek peptones are most commonly used in microbiological media, fermentation nutrient systems, as well as, tissue and cell culture media. They can also be found in the wellness foods sector, used in the manufacture allergen-free probiotics and serving as nutritional protein hydrolysates.
Extensive experience with proteins and associated manufacturing practices have enabled the development of proprietary processes used at the firm today. The unique processing techniques produce peptones which have been proven to increase growth rates and yields. Coupled with superior customer service, Nu-Tek creates additional value in manufacturing as a solutions-based manufacturer. Flexibility and openness to innovation allows for customization of products to meet firm specific needs.