Minnetonka, MN, October 15, 2020 Nu-Tek BioScience is excited to announce it has entered a joint venture to fortify manufacturing capacity for its high-performance animal-free peptones and yeasts. This manufacturing agreement will enable Nu-Tek to continue to meet the rapidly expanding needs of the Bio-Pharma Industry.

  • Soy Peptones and Pea Peptones for Classical Dehydrated/Liquid Media, Mammalian Cell Culture, and Industrial Fermentation applications.
  • Yeast Extracts for Mammalian & Insect Cell Culture and Serum Free Media.

“The agreement will enable Nu-Tek Bioscience to continue to meet the needs of present and future customers for superior high-quality plant based and yeast peptones and hydrolyzed proteins” – Thomas Yezzi, Nu-Tek Bioscience’s President

Reducing supply chain risk for its customer base is a major focus for Nu-Tek Bioscience. As part of Nu-Tek’s future commitment to customers, the firm will continue to increase its capabilities to meet the needs of life sciences industries, producing materials for their biologics platforms.

“It’s an exciting move for Nu-Tek in that we’re also ticking the boxes for our most stringent customers in Big Pharma while firming up our continuity plan. Based on everything that’s going on with COVID-19 we expect there to be significant supply chain disruption and this ensures minimal to no effect for our customers moving forward.” – Chris Wiedel, Nu-Tek’s Chief Business Officer

About Nu-Tek Bioscience

Nu-Tek BioScience develops and manufactures peptones and protein hydrolysates for the biotech and wellness foods industry. A portfolio of products allow for use in a variety of applications ranging from human pharmaceuticals to agricultural marketplaces. Nu-Tek peptones are most commonly used in microbiological media, fermentation nutrient systems, as well as, tissue and cell culture media. They can also be found in the wellness foods sector, used in the manufacture allergen-free probiotics and serving as nutritional protein hydrolysates.

Extensive experience with proteins and associated manufacturing practices have enabled the development of proprietary processes used at the firm today. The unique processing techniques produce peptones which have been proven to increase growth rates and yields. Coupled with superior customer service, Nu-Tek creates additional value in manufacturing as a solutions-based manufacturer. Flexibility and openness to innovation allows for customization of products to meet firm specific needs.