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Nu-Tek BioScience develops and manufactures peptones and protein hydrolysates for the biotech and wellness foods industry. Our range of products reach the human and agricultural marketplaces.

In the biotech area our peptones are used in microbiological media, fermentation nutrient systems, as well as, tissue and cell culture media.

In the wellness foods sector Nu-Tek’s products are used to manufacture allergen-free probiotics and nutritional protein hydrolysates.

Nu-Tek BioScience utilizes proprietary processes to produce peptones that are proven to increase growth rates & yields. Our superior customer service creates value in manufacturing.

We are a solutions-based manufacturer. Our flexibility and openness to innovative thinking allows us to provide customized products to meet your needs.

We are committed to developing high quality products that deliver value. If cell number and growth rates are important to you and your bottom line, become one of our customers and see your business grow.